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Throughout each year, NSWISA conducts Aussie Skate competitions in rinks across the State. The full list of Aussie Skate competitions appears on the NSW Calendar.



The next Aussie Skate competitions & skating orders are listed below.

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Use the following link to find further information relating to Division Guidelines and Element requirements on the Ice Skating Australia (ISA) website

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**Sunday 31st March 2019 - Closing Date for entries 4th March 2019:  ANNOUNCEMENT :  SKATING ORDER :  RESULTS:   CLUBS RUNNING POINT SCORE

**Sunday 5th May 2019 - Ice Zoo  - Closing Date for entries 8th April 2019:  ANNOUNCEMENT : SKATING ORDER:  RESULTS : CLUBS RUNNING POINT SCORE

**Sunday 30th June 2019 - Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink - Closing Date for entries 3rd June 2019:  ANNOUNCEMENT :  SKATING ORDER :  RESULTS : CLUBS RUNNING POINT SCORES

**Sunday 18th August 2019 - Hunter Ice Skating Rink - Closing Date for entries 22nd July 2019:  ANNOUNCEMENT : SKATING ORDER:   RESULTS : CLUBS RUNNING POINT SCORES

**Saturday 14th September 2019 - Penrith Ice Palace - Closing Date for entries 2nd September 2019 : ANNOUNCEMENT : SKATING ORDER :  RESULTS : CLUB RUNNING POINT SCORES

** Saturday 26th October 2019 - Liverpool Catholic Club Ice Rink - Closing Date for entries 30th September 2019 :  ANNOUNCEMENT : SKATING ORDER :  RESULTS : CLUB RUNNING POINT SCORES