2021 Membership Information



This is a new platform and the link below will take you to a landing page for you to sign up to a user account before actual registration of membership.

From the list of Links below, select the Membership Type you require
Select 'Sign Up' which can be found under  the blue Log in Bar.
You will be asked to complete your details 
NB: returning members please use your email used in previous years with your account on the SportsTG Platform***- if unsure, please contact NSWISA. Using a different email address will cause a duplication of your/your child's membership record with possible loss of historical data.
When you have completed your details (entered email, password etc.), you will be asked for a Verification Code which will be sent to your email address.  If it doesn't come through almost instantly, then please check both spam and promotions folders as it has a tendency to end up in either one of these mailboxes.
When you have completed this - you will have set up an Account.
If you are the parent of the skater being registered, this 'Account' is in your name and with your email address.  One or more children can be registered under this email.
From here you can now register for membership for yourself or your child/ren - when completed, you will be given the option (yes or no) to add someone else.
If Yes is selected, you will be taken through the process for an additional person
If No is selected, you will be taken back to your Dashboard
Save the link to your favourites for future use.

***NB: By using the email from your previous membership account with SportsTG, you will be linked to your stored Member details.

NEW MEMBERS: (never registered with NSWISA before):  Exactly as per returning members above, but using an email of your choosing.

ACTIVE KIDS: The Active Kids voucher is part of the Registration Platform, so have your voucher ready to input, if you have one.


 STILL UNSURE OF THE MEMBERSHIP TYPE  REQUIRED:  Please use the following link to view a comprehensive List of Membership types and fees. 

Basic Introductory Membership - Introductory is for 1st year registrations for those participating in Aussie Skate/Skate School only

Basic Membership - For those returning participants  of Aussie Skate/Skate school (2nd and subsequent years of membership)

Junior Membership - For members under 16 years on 1st January in the year of membership and who are competing at IJS levels in Singles, Pairs and Dance Disciplines.

Senior Membership- For members 16 years or over on 1st January in the year of membership and who are competing at IJS levels (including Adult) in Singles, Pairs and Dance Disciplines .

Synchronized Membership - Skaters (of all ages) who are competing in the discipline of Synchro. If also competing in Singles (IJS Level Only), register for either Junior or Senior Membership only.

Theatre on Ice Membership- Skaters (of all ages) who are competing in the discipline of Theatre on Ice. If also competing in Singles (IJS Level only), register for either Junior or Senior Membership only.

Judges & Officials Membership - For judges and officials, including club sitting executive committee members.

Professionals Membership - For Ice Skating Professionals .

Recreational - Non-Participating, non-competing


From time to time, skaters will need to upgrade membership to a higher level.  This frequently happens when a skater graduates from Aussie Skate and starts to undertake ISA level Testing and competing at IJS level, or even if they join a Synchronized Skating Team***.  Upgrade may also be required if a member is inadvertently registered to the wrong Membership Type.

Membership Upgrade:  For all membership upgrades - Sign in and type Upgrade in the finder.  Select the upgrade you require.  If the appropriate upgrade isn't there, contact: membership@nswisa.com

*** Synchronized Skating Teams also form part of the Aussie skate Program, skaters only need to upgrade if moving into an IJS level Synchronized Skating Team


Want to check or update your membership details and event registrations?  Use the following link; enter your email and password and select Login.   Select 'View' on the tile with your/your child's name; this will reveal personal data and registration history (membership, events etc.).  Not all fields can be updated - contact membership@nswisa.com if you need assistance.


You can also add members to your account and register for events.... use the finder to search.


2020 Membership Report - to: 31st December 2020

2021 Membership Report - to: 7th February 2021

Proof of Age Numbers: NSW Members to 5th September 2020 


NSWISA enourages ALL members to apply for a Proof of Age Number - this is a once only requirement with no cost involved.  Please follow the links below for the Instructions and appropriate form.  In any event, all skaters competing in levels from Preliminary and above, you are required to have a Proof of Age. This includes Adult, Synchronised and Theatre on Ice competitors. 

Proof of Age numbers are issued directly to NSWISA and our database updated.   Once issued by ISA you will find your POA number listed with your membership record on the lists at the top of this page.   This process can take some time from submission of form to issue of POA number - any concerns, please contact NSWISA at membership@nswisa.com

Proof of Age - Instruction Form here - Updated 2019-08-02

Proof of Age - Application Form here Updated 2019-08-02