Policies and Forms

NSWISA001 - Entry to State Championships
(30 April 2019)
Abbreviations for Elements
(June 2018)
ISA 101 Aussie Skate Eligibility (October 2017)
NSWISA002 - Entry to Australian Championships
(30 April 2019)
Adult International Competitions Approval Form 2019 2019 Membership Fees
NSWISA003 - NSWISA Officials Funding Policy
(30 April 2019)
ISA Ice Show and Exhibition Permission
(November 2016)
SportsTG Registration FAQ's
NSWISA004 - NSWISA Officials Expenses Policy
(30 April 2019)
NSWISA Bye Application Form Setting up your Member 'Passport' with SportsTG
NSWISA005 - Test Application Policy
(29 May 2019)
Team List - Aussie Skate Synchro and TOI Proof of Age Application Instructions
NSWISA006 - Entry to Competitions and Championships Policy
(30 April 2019)
Certificate of Currency 2018-2019  
NSWISA007 - NSWISA Skaters Funding Policy
(July 2018)
Certificate of Insurance 2018  
NSWISA008 - NSWISA Music Submissions Policy
(August 2018)
Club Report Template  
NSWISA009 - Entry to State Artistic Championships Policy (May 2019) Risk Assessment Records for Completion of Host Event  
NSWISA010 - NSWISA Photography and Video Policy
(June 2019)
WHS Duties of Clubs & NSWISA  
NSWISA011 - NSWISA Sun Protection Policy Working With Children Check Information
(March 2017)
NSWISA012 - NSWISA Test Policy and Procedures
(March 2017)
Technical Controller Report  
NSWISA013 - NSWISA Volunteer Management Policy  Test Referees Report   
NSWISA014 - NSWISA Competition Policy - Clubs & NSWISA Events
(January 2018)
Test Log  
NSWISA015 - NSWISA Member Club Policy
(July 2016)
NSWISA Report of Referee  
NSWISA016 - NSWISA Work Health and Safety Policy
(February 2013)
NSWISA Club Training & Development Subsidy Form  
NSWISA017 - NSWISA Competition Scheduling and Panelling
(March 2017)
2019-2023 Strategic Plan   
Conflict of Interest Guidelines
(June 2017)
 Proof of Age Application Form  
ISA 18 - Anti-Doping Policy
Office of Sport Anti-Doping Policy V.2017
(May 2017)
NSWISA Code of Ethics    
NSWISA Test Guidelines    
NSWISA Aussie Skate Competition Guidelines    
NSWISA Social Networking Guidelines