Policies and Forms

NSWISA001 - Entry to State Championships
(April 2021)
Abbreviations for Elements
(June 2018)
ISA 101 Aussie Skate Eligibility (October 2017)
NSWISA002 - Entry to Australian Championships
(April 2021)
Adult International Competitions Approval Form 2019 2021 Membership Fees
NSWISA003 - NSWISA Officials Funding Policy
(February 2021)
ISA Ice Show and Exhibition Permission
(November 2016)
2021 AGM Notice of Meeting 
NSWISA004 - NSWISA Officials Expenses Policy
(April 2021)
NSWISA Bye Application Form NSWISA Board Nomination Form 
NSWISA005 - Test Application Policy
(April 2021)
Team List - Aussie Skate Synchro and TOI Proof of Age Application Instructions
NSWISA006 - Entry to Competitions and Championships Policy
(April 2021)

Certificate of Currency 2021

Certificate of Currency 2021 (Bunnings BBQ)

NSWISA Constitution 2020

NSWISA007 - NSWISA Skaters Funding Policy
(April 2021)
Certificate of Insurance 2018

Notice of AGM

NSWISA008 - NSWISA Music and PPC Submissions Policy
(April 2021)
Club Report Template COVID-19 Statement
NSWISA009 - Entry to State Artistic Championships Policy
(April 2021)
Risk Assessment Records for Completion of Host Event 2020 Annual Report 
NSWISA010 - NSWISA Photography and Video Policy
(April 2021)
WHS Duties of Clubs & NSWISA Member Terms & Conditions 
NSWISA011 - Conflict of Interest Policy
(April 2021)
Working With Children Check Information
(March 2017)
Novelty Team/Group Team List - Contact NSWISA for Excel Version 
NSWISA012 - Code of Ethics & Behaviour Policy
(February 2021)
Technical Controller Report  
NSWISA013 - NSWISA Membership Categories
(December 2020)
Test Referees Report   
NSWISA014 - NSWISA Member Protection Statement
(February 2021)
Test Log  
NSWISA015 - NSWISA Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy
(February 2021)
NSWISA Report of Referee  
NSWISA016 - NSWISA Work Health and Safety Policy
(February 2013)

2019-2023 Strategic Plan   
(February 2021)
  Proof of Age Application Form  
NSWISA018 - NSWISA Club Membership Policy
(November 2020)
NSWISA Club Training & Development Subsidy Form   
NSWISA Sun Protection Policy NSWISA Request for Refund JotForm  
ISA 18 - Anti-Doping Policy
COVID-19 Event Safety Plan Checklist 
Last published 29 September 2020
Office of Sport Anti-Doping Policy V.2017
(May 2017)
COVID-19 Safety Plan
Last published 29 September 2020
NSWISA Code of Ethics NSWISA Incident Report   
NSWISA Test Guidelines Assemble Sports Event Registration Process   
NSWISA Aussie Skate Competition Guidelines    
NSWISA Social Networking Guidelines