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Anti Doping Policy-    a) ISA          b) NSW Office of Sport

Aussie Skate Eligibility

 Aussie Skate Competition Guidelines  Aussie Skate Competiton Guidelines

Conflict of Interest Guidelines 

Ice Show & Exhibition Permission

 Club Report Template  Competition Scheduling & Panelling
Novice Competition & Test Changes & Age Restrictions 2018 Novice Competition & Test Changes & Age Restrictions 2018  NSWISA Officials Expenses Policy
NSW Code of Ethics Competition Guidelines- Club & NSWISA Events Officials Funding Policy 
Entry to State Championships  Competition Checklist  Event Referees Report
 Entry to Aust Figure Skating Champs Member Club Policy  Technical Controller Report
 NSWISA Bye Application Form Risk Assessment Records for Completion of Host Event  Test Referees Report
NSWISA Entry To Competitions & Championships Policy Test Policy & Procedures Test Policies & Procedures
NSWISA Music Submission Policy  WHS Duties of Clubs & NSWISA  Test Log
NSWISA Skaters Funding Policy  WHS Operational Policy  
 Social Networking Policy Working With Children Check Information Guideline   
 Sun Protect Policy Volunteer Management Policy   
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