Test Bookings Confirmed

Due to ice time and judges availability, your booking is not final until it appears in this list. Enquiries to tests@nswisa.com

Please advise immediately if any detail is incorrect.

PLEASE NOTE: From February 2018,  test sessions at Macquarie will commence at 7 am - the format will be 7am - 8 am followed by an ice resurface and recommence at 8.15 through to 9 am.   A Running order will be issued on the website to allow you to plan your morning appropriately.

 Test Bookings Confirmed as at  15th February 2018 : 1.30 pm Subject to Change - please check before Test Session

 21st February 2018 at Macquarie Ice Rink - 7-8am & 8.15-9am: Running Order  

25th March 2018 at Canterbury Ice Rink - 3.45 pm to 6.45 pm  : Running Order Subject to Change - please check before Test Session for changes in running order

Please be mindful that some rinks charge an entry fee for test sessions - currently, both COIR and Macquarie charge an entry fee.