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Test Bookings received to date (2020-02-16: 9.00 am):  Please advise of any anomalies to

NB: Bookings are not confirmed until NSWISA Membership is paid, POA is either obtained or applied for and payment is received for the test.

Schedule of Tests, per session, will be posted here, but as a guide, test sessions will commence with Pattern tests (low to high) Exceptions, if deemed necessary, would be Dance Tests or Senior tests.  Those requiring music for their test - please take 2 copies with you (one as back up) - CD and/or USB.   Tests at Hunter - No CD Player is available.

Test Bookings 22nd February 2020 at Macquarie: Skating Order

Test Bookings 8th March 2020 at Canterbury: Skating Order

NB: Please be mindful that some rinks charge an entry fee for test sessions - currently, both Macquarie and Liverpool charge an entry fee.

Skating Lists are Subject to change and also subject to 'tweaking' of skating order on the day.



The Old Report -  "Highest Test Achieved" is no longer available, however, a full list of tests successfully completed is posted below (updated after each Test Session).  

NSWISA Member All Test Achieved to 10th November 2019 HERE

NSWISA Member Test Results 1st July 1980 - 30th June 1993 HERE 

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See ISA Communication No.110 - Changes to ISA Dance Test Changes 2019 which will become effective 1st January 2020.

Test Forms etc.

For By-Laws relating to tests.

For more information regarding preparation for your test, NSWISA has published NSWISA Test Guidelines to assist you for your test session. 

Before making your booking, please read the NSWISA POLICY relating to Test bookings 

Due to ice time and judges availability, your booking is not final until it appears in the "Test Bookings Confirmed" list above. Enquiries to Please advise immediately if any detail is incorrect

Please be mindful that some rinks charge an entry fee for test sessions - currently, both COIR and Macquarie charge an entry fee.



Pre-Requisites for Testing - Downloadable Spreadsheet - Select Here

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