Membership Payment

NSWISA advises that all members (including recreational/volunteers) must register with ISA which will cover appropriate insurance premiums. NSWISA recommends all members and volunteers over the age of 18 years of age complete the working with children form via our website, the form should be printed and lodged with Sports House, a copy to your home club and the original retained by the member. Enquiries via email to

ANYONE involved in the sport (including officials, parents, guardians and coaches) must adhere to the ISA Anti Doping Policy as published on the ISA website.

Any current member requiring upgrade mid-year should contact

 By submitting this online application, you agree to adhere to the following rules for membership.

    I agree to abide by the Objects and Rules and the current bye-laws set down by NSWISA.

    I also agree to comply with all rules and regulations pertaining to activity groups, competitions and championships.

    I will at all times honour the NSWISA Code of Ethics.

    I am aware and agree to abide by the Member Protection Policy of NSWISA.

    I am aware and agree to abide by the Child Protection and Intervention Policy of NSWISA.

    I declare my citizenship/residency on the front page of this application.

    I agree to allow NSWISA to use photographs/video footage of me taken at sanctioned events for promotional material as detailed in the bye-laws.


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