Music must be submitted as part of the competition entry and in one of the following acceptable formats. (see also the Music & PPC Submission Policy)

Late Fees:  If Music is not submitted at close of entries and a late fee is payable, Members will be contacted directly via email with details of the payment process

Acceptable Formats: MP3 or AAC or M4A 

NOTE: Files must actually be one of the above formats, not another format renamed as one of the acceptable formats.

- Files should not be more than 10MB each

- Music must be named using ISA's music naming protocol.   The convention of naming files is:

    - Standard File Naming: Division_Segment_Name-Runtime

    - Example: JuniorLadies_FS_Skater Name_3m32s

    - Segment Abbreviations: FS(Free Skate Program) or SP (Short Program) or RD (Rhythm Dance) or FD (Free Dance) or ART (Artistic)

    - Total Running Time (3m32s = 3 minutes 32 seconds) of file (NOT the music running time)

- You will receive confirmation of successful upload on this page as well as email confirmation.

- Music submissions made after the close of entries will be subject to the NSWISA Music & Submission Policy.   Please read this and

   familiarise yourself with the contents.

- Please contact with any queries.

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