Our preference is for you to upload it as you will get a confirmation and we will have an entry in our database. You can of course update your music at a later time if your cut of music is modified. There are numerous audio format available. We recommend staying with popular format like mp3, ogg vorbis, m4a and wma. Bitrate should be between 128 kbs to 320 kbs. To convert your audio CD to digital, you can use iTunes, Windows Media Player or specialised application. Do not add copy protection to your rip as it will not allow the file to be played on another device. It is very important to update your music file with ID3 tag. Update the artist with skater name. In the Title field, you can put things like division, short or free skate and cut of music. Name your music file appropriately. You can use hyphen, underscore, period or blank. Naming format: Division-Program-SkaterName 

You will receive confirmation of successful upload on this page.

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