Letter From Our President

By Administrator

Dear NSW Skating Community,

On Sunday NSWISA, in conjunction with OWIA, conducted the first of the Tri-Star camps at the Narrabeen Sport Centre.  What a day, with so many ex and current Olympians attending, putting our athletes and coaches through their paces. Hopefully you have all seen the photos on our new NSW Ice Skating Association Facebook page.

At the camp we gave a brief snapshot of the multitude of initiatives NSWISA has already undertaken this year and we wanted update those not in attendance.

We have started to implement the new 5 year strategic plan based on our NSWISA mission –

“Continually improve the quality, number, enjoyment and performance of NSW skaters across all disciplines from Figure, Dance and Synchronized and Theatre on Ice through NSWISA’s Training & Development, Finance & Administration, and Organisation & Structure.”

So what has been happening?

Social Media

New NSWISA Facebook page launched on Sunday…this is where you will find all our new announcements and follow https://www.facebook.com/NSW.IceSkating/

New easy to read NSWISA Website to be launched in coming days

Training and Development

Judges and Officials

NSWISA has already conducted two successful ‘mentor program’ seminars with over 80 attendees, the aim of which is to attract, retain and develop our officials. 

Yearly July ‘rule seminars’ to ensure our officials are up to date with any rule changes and developments.


Kicked off the outstanding Tri-star camp with over 60 attendees with camps to follow in June and July.

Last year we also initiated the pre-Nats camp, which this year will be called the Super Champs camp with a revamped format.

We have initiated a funding program for all NSW clubs to run off ice camps for Advanced Novice B and below so be in contact with your club officials

Finance and Administration

NSWISA’s revenues come simply from its entry fees on NSW Figure Skating Championships, NSWISA Memberships and small charges on NSWISA’s International Judging System (‘IJS’).

Most years NSWISA breaks even (Revenues equal expenses) as it endeavours to return monies to its members. NSWISA unfortunately is not in the envious position of some states that own ice rinks, hence it will be prudent, but more transparent, with our use of funds going forward.

NSWISA is however already increasing funds towards areas of need, including the training and development mentioned above and has also initiated the following policies:

Increased subsidies to our volunteer judges and officials through an increase charge on NSWISA’s IJS system to ensure retention of officials;

Increase funding towards Skaters entries into Nationals;

Maintain and looking to increase funding to our OWIA athletes;

Put a policy in place for funding for International judge exams.

Organisation and Structure

Centralisation – NSWISA has a fantastic online payment system combined with PPC and music upload, introduced last year and we will be expanding these capabilities.

Marketing – NSWISA has been focused on increased the visibility and attraction of the sport and is continually looking at ways to increase visibility.  NSWISA has a stand and pre event showcase at the upcoming Disney on ice.

Constitution – NSWISA worked closely with ISA on the implementation of their new constitution.

We look forward to a fantastic year for our skaters, judges and officials, coaches, parents and friends of ice skating and wish all NSW competitors the very best in the up coming Hollins Trophy.

Kind Regards

Paul Harris

Paul Harris