Letter From Our President

By Administrator

Dear NSW Skating Community,

What an exciting and successful year it has been for NSW skating both on and off the ice.

Firstly what an amazing achievement Harley and Katia achieved becoming NSW's let alone Australia's first ever Junior Grand Prix Gold Medalists.  It is a very exciting time for NSW skating with both Kailani Craine and Brendan Kerry also hitting their straps only a year out from the Winter Olympics now.  

Over the past year we have also seen a number of other NSW skaters compete well overseas from the Basic Novice A level all the way up to Senior, and we are very proud of each one of you and wish you all the very best.  

Off the ice NSWISA has made a number of changes this year that will help enhance this wonderfur sport.  The NSWISA moto is "to improve the quality, number, enjoyment and performance of NSW skaters across all disciplines" and we are proud of the changes made this year which have helped raise the profile and ultimate performance of our sport.  

The NSWISA executive has worked together this year with a common goal, to make a better association for all of our members.  So I would thank Peter, Rosemary, Janice and Brooke and in particularly Toni Grant for all of your efforts in 2016 and I am sure the executive of 2017 will continue in the same manner.

This year to name a few things, NSWISA has built a new website, run a very active FaceBook page, centralised and stremlined Competition scheduling and panelling of officials, increased funding to our OWI athletes and also judges and officials subsidies, conducted the Synch, Tri Star and Pre Nationals camps, run training and development at the Sydney Synch Festival, re-instigated the judge mentoring program, conducted a number of training seminars for our judges & officials and increased the focus on Aussie Skate competitions.  We have also been working on secession in the sport and forward planning and strategy to enure a healthy association, all with the view of improving this wonderful sport across all skating disciplines.  

There are so many people worthy of a special thank you for their efforts in 2016, many who have been part of the sport for years.  To all the volunteers from the clubs, the judges and officials who sit for hours in freezing rinks, the people behind the scenes doing setup and supporting our judging system, the rinks for providing great venues but I would really like to thank our members.  Without you we wouldn't have an association, from beginners in Aussie Skate to our Senior International skaters, you are all a very important part of the sport.  

A very big thank you goes to all the members of council and the club representatives who have spent many hours working together with the executive to ensure that our children can participate in a sport we all love.  Many hours are put into attending meetings, training sessions, answering and reading emails, volunteering at events without you all we would not have an association.  

Over the past year NSWISA also worked closely with both ISA and OWI on a number of matters and we thank them for their support and guidance in helping lift the profile, participation and enjoyment of this wonderful sport.  

I would like to thank the outgoing council and executive and wish the new council the best of luck for 2017. 


Kind Regards

Paul Harris

Paul Harris